Since the 1991 year …

We have been making power since 1991 for off-road and road motorcycles. Improving the engines on torque/power base by providing carburetor (especially KEIHIN FCR) and head upgrades is our game. The experience has been accumulated through practice and research and is still growing.
Our mods are designed to optimize engine performance and they do their work well as it is tested multiple times on various bikes and riders in different conditions. There are many other companies that offer you to be the first in everything but you know we can’t just give you any of the skills you need to make it. What we can do is to offer you the proper setup to train them.

Top quality

Our upgrade jobs and assembly are done by the hand of workers with 10 years of experience. CNC machine takes an essential place in bringing our ideas to life. We work for our customers as well as ourselves to have a dynamic and exciting ride.

Best performance

Our conviction – Every gain that you feel up on to your pants stands above the one that is visible on the dyno chart only. So the aim is to give you the maximum pleasure from your ride.

FlowPro offers performance carburetor (Keihin FCR) and cylinder head upgrades (porting works), exhaust and suspension-rate (shims) tuning. This is where the fun of riding kicks in. Our upgrades are based on torque/power addition as well as having control over your motorcycle. By changing the order of special different-sized shims you can adjust the suspension (shock and forks) for your own capabilities. The most torque, which instantly leads to power, from a naturally aspirated motorcycle engine can be obtained by upgrading the cylinder head and carburetor of which we offer porting works for intake and exhaust ports and extensive upgrades for Keihin FCR and other (Mikuni, Dellortro etc.) carburetors. It is very important to have the right intake port size to get the flow of air/fuel mixture in the right proportion of its quantity that is being consumed during the intake stroke. To bring the tuning even further exhaust works are essential as well. Just visit FlowPro and see what you can do to your cylinder head, carburetor, exhaust, suspension, and even some miscellaneous parts to make your ride complete.